In the three plus weeks since I began calling pastors for meetings, I cannot help but be overwhelmed for a number of reasons. First, so many of these busy men have taken the time to talk with me, encourage me and some have already invited us to their conferences. A few have asked to pray with me over the phone and others have promised to pray for us. We know prayer support is the most important support we can ever have! Second, I have been humbled by the candid responses of many pastors who want to invite us but lack the resources to provide support at this time. These are the guys I want praying for me. These are the pastors who I know want us on the field fulfilling the Great Commission and do not want to keep us from a meeting where we might get supported. To them I say thank you and God bless you. Last, I am optimistic about the road ahead. We are confident that God’s will is for us to be serving Him in Greece… but only in His timing. I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am now when I look at the itinerary and also think of the calls I am waiting for to give us a date. God is so good. The road thus far has not been without its bumps but it is worth every second of the ride if even only one Greek hears the Gospel and accepts Christ as Saviour!