The end of June will be six months of full-time deputation for our family. What a great blessing this time has been for all of us. God has provided in every area as we present our passion for reaching Greeks with the Gospel. Our support level continues to rise, we have been invited to more meetings, and we are truly finding that deputation is a time of ministry, both actively and in preparation for service on the field.

We will be leaving for Greece on July 3rd for two weeks to assist in Bible Camp on Zakynthos. This will be the first time our children will be visiting their new homeland and excitement is running high in the DeLuca house (which is most often our van!). With camp in mind, if you have any old or unused baseball equipment you would like to donate, we will be taking those items to Greece to be used during camp and into the future during Friday night Kid’s Club. Please feel free to contact me should you have items you would like to see put to good use there in Greece.

It is our great joy to see and feel the love of God’s people for the cause of world evangelism. The concern Christians have for the people of Greece overwhelms us. The prayers offered on their behalf will ultimately be realized when we reach heaven but until then, please continue to pray that more laborers will commit to reaching the people of Greece and the world while it is still day… for the night is coming.