Not only are we leaving for Greece in a couple hours for our two week excursion to Bible Camp on Zakynthos but I received a call from my mom this morning who told me that she finally asked Jesus to be her Savior! All praise to God for saving her! We have been praying for this for almost 17 years. I wept tears of joy like a baby! We have been talking quite a bit about the Lord and I made a short visit to her a few weeks back and got her a Bible and helped her get started on studying through John and Romans. She has been faithfully attending church on Sundays and Wednesdays with some new Christian friends she has met. We’re thrilled to have a new sister in the Lord!

We will be traveling through the night to London and then on to Athens on the 4th. Camp begins Sunday the 8th and we’re so excited to see how God will work in the lives of all the kids, including ours. Camp is always a blessing to the kids but it is also a huge blessing to us. What a joy it is to plow, plant, water, and reap in the Lord’s fields! Please pray for many Greek children to be able to attend, for open hearts , and decisions with eternity in mind.

Thanks for your prayers! Check out the new prayer letter at the link below. We will put a new one out as soon as we return. Again, efkharisto!

Koukla Bible Camp Edition Prayer & Praise Letter