When I received the monthly update from BIMI last month, I was surprised to see a notice that the Sword of the Lord publication was opening up advertising to missionaries on a dedicated page. At first I thought that advertising would not have much of a return but the Lord kept laying it on my heart, so I called to get more info.

We continued to pray about it and as meetings are getting a little harder to schedule, I really believe God would have us try something new. So beginning next month you will find our small ad on the missionary directory page in Sword of the Lord. We are trusting the Lord to use this in ways we had not even considered. If we get nothing more than prayer support, than the ad will have turned out to be a huge blessing.

I know many of God’s people and churches are struggling in these difficult economic times. We certainly feel it every time we fill up our van as we travel from church to church. I think we would all do well to remember that God will still be God on November 7th and that the Great Commission is not dependent on a booming economy, just ask those Macedonian Saints from II Corinthians 8. Paul encouraged those Christians who had given, despite their “deep poverty”, to have faith that God would provide the means to give beyond their power. Verse 3 records “…they were willing of themselves” to give what God had provided undeservedly “to their power” by His grace. I believe “beyond their power” means that they stepped out in faith to commit even more because they trusted God to give them the resources to do so.

Our willingness to give ought ought not be driven by the idea that we will reap a blessing commensurate with what we’ve given. I don’t know about you, but I want great and exceeding blessings from God, not that I may glory in them but that I can say, “God did this!” When we give with abounding liberality for the express purpose of blessing others for the glory of God, we invite God to build our faith and our ability to effectively steward the riches He entrusts to us.