One of our supporting churches has “adopted” our family as their very own missionaries. The following is a Facebook post from the class leader, Ann Marie Rill, about these sweet kids. We pray God will continue to lay missions on the hearts of children the world over.

“I just wanted to share some sweet notes from our CZ children (1st-4th grade children’s church). Each year at the mission’s conference in January, we choose one missionary family to “adopt.” Throughout the rest of the year, we pray for them weekly, read their updates, and take up offerings for them. This year we decided to make our chosen missionary family our pen pals. When the children come in to CZ each Sunday, they have the opportunity to write a note to the missionaries, which we send to them via e-mail. As busy as they are, the DeLuca family responds faithfully – even if the same question is asked week after week by different children. What an excitement there is at the beginning of CZ when we put the DeLuca’s responses up on the projector screen for the children to see, and what a blessing it is to have parents tell us that it is their children that remind them to pray for the DeLuca’s each week. We didn’t realize at the time how effective this would be in helping our children remember to support the missionaries in prayer once the mission’s conference ended. I think it is so important that children see that they don’t have to wait until they are adults to think about ministry or to serve the Lord. He has something for them to do right now. To follow our children’s ongoing conversation with our missionaries as well as to keep up with what is happening in the CZ, be sure to like our FB page.”

Construction Zone Kids