Greetings to all of you friends who have followed us through the years of deputation. We’re glad to report that we landed in Greece on June 16th and are already busy working and serving the Lord. We just finished two weeks of Youth Bible Camp on our new home island of Zakynthos. We were blessed to see the Spirit of God work in the hearts of the younger children we had during the first week. After a few days of sharing the gospel with them, every camper responded to an invitation to receive Christ as Savior. One is always careful when reporting numbers but all 18 kids prayed aloud and we believe at least half of the 18 children truly understood and were saved. Most of them continued the week focused on reading Scripture, asking questions, and singing hymns they had never heard before. What a great way to start our missionary lives here in Greece!

The second week was dedicated to teens, many of whom have been to camp with us before. We had 32 campers in all this week and though we did not see the response of the younger kids, we believe that new seeds were planted and many others watered for a future harvest. One young lady received Christ and a young man made sure of his salvation. The spirit among the kids was great and they enjoyed every aspect of the camp. Many of these kids rarely, if ever, have this type of opportunity to spend time with their friends in this type of setting. We praise God for His faithfulness in answering our prayers for salvation, safety, and for the continued impact He is having in the hearts and lives of these young Greeks!

I have added our latest prayer letter to our Prayer Letter page. In case you forgot, it is located under the “About Us” menu. Since we have so much to share about what is taking place in our lives, I will begin publishing our prayer letter every month beginning in August. I am also planning to begin a monthly 2-3 minute video update in the near future. I will be sure to all the information and links right here on Thanks for your faithful prayers and support! God bless!