After months of meaning to get started revamping our website, we’re finally starting to make some updates. It is has been our desire for some time to produce a monthly 2-3 minute video update detailing what is happening in our ministry. Honestly, I’ve dropped the ball on that but we are in the process of adding a link to a new YouTube channel where we plan to regularly upload ministry updates and related videos. We will have a an update completed very soon!

We are also adding more Greek language content. We’ve translated our doctrinal statement in Greek and added it to the “What We Believe” page. As we continue to reach our community in Athens, this site will play a vital part, and using this platform in Greek is a must. We will continue to add more Greek content as the ministry grows and impacts the people around us. I’m looking forward to adding some Greek discipleship files and even some audio files of short Bible lessons as I work toward proficiency with the language. To that end, please continue to pray as I complete my Greek language instruction courses. I attend classes twice a week, working toward acquiring the C-2 level compentancy certification. I also am completing full TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification and plan to use English instruction as an opportunity to employ the Bible as a primary text while building relationships through the classroom environment.

Thank you for praying and supporting our family. Keep an eye out for a new prayer letter and that video update in the very near future.