We are still experiencing some difficulties with getting our home WiFi system connected. We purchase our service from a telecom company who works in conjunction with the Greek national phone company called OTE. Some of you may have seen the name Cosmote while traveling in Europe or watching soccer matches- same company. OTE does all the line work and they’re usually not in a hurry to do anything for the other telecoms because it isn’t “their” customer. Anyway, I scheduled the transfer of our service 3 weeks in advance of our move based on the 4 weeks it took them to give us service last time. When they came, they said there wasn’t an available line at the box for us to have phone & internet. Calls were made and eventually they “found” one. The telecom came out to install the service and said we had a wiring problem in the house because they couldn’t get the signal from the box. The tech failed to see the wire connecting our home goes to a different box almost directly in front of our house, which we discovered by paying a private electrician skilled in these matters to come out and check the wiring. So they came out again and are now telling us we have to wait for OTE to come and move the line from the other box to the one we’re connected to. No one knows how long this will take. We started this process almost 7 weeks ago. In that time I’ve paid our bill and yesterday was forced to purchase a mobile hot spot so I can keep up with our responsibilities. In fairness, our provider did give us one but it quit working after a few days and after spending quite a few hours trying to get it sorted, I opted to purchase our own.

While we are definitely frustrated, it surely isn’t the end of the world. I am all the more reminded to be thankful for all the things we do have like a home, food, clothes, a car, and most of all- salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. I spend many hours a week trying to reach people here with the Gospel, and some of these people are reasonably well off. They have nice homes, expensive cars, maybe a vacation home on an island, and probably good internet service. However, they lack the most important and valuable thing in the all the world- a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is why we are here. This is why a few weeks without internet really doesn’t matter when people next door, all over our neighborhood, and across Athens are heading to a Christ-less eternity. We’re counting our blessings, not as someone who takes pride in them, but in gratitude and to strengthen our commitment to sharing them with others. Its truly been said, “You can’t take it with you”, but you definitely can take someone with you… whether you have internet or not.