After considerable prayer and thought, we have decided to take a brief furlough during the summer of 2020. We have found that it would be detrimental to leave the new work we’ve recently begun for extended periods to report to our supporting churches. Because of limited access & the availability of other missionaries to fill the needs of a growing ministry, we believe the slower summer months allows us opportunity to leave for a short period of time. Also, our son John is now attending school here in Athens, and we do not want to disrupt his life and education by continually moving him from one location to another or switching back and forth attending school or homeschooling.

The summer months in Greece are very slow for ministry, especially August, as most Greeks take extended family vacations to visit family and friends away from Athens. During August, you would hardly believe almost 5 million people live in the Athens area. This big city becomes more like a ghost town as things slow to a crawl before the bustle of September and the new school year. We see this as a perfect opportunity for us to schedule meetings at some of our supporting churches whom we did not report to during our previous furlough in 2017-18. We visited over 40 churches in 8 months during that  time, sometimes as many as 3 a week when possible. It is our hope that we can schedule 15-18 meetings in a 10 week span this year and repeat this pattern during the summer months in years to come.

We will be sending out an updated prayer letter with more information including dates and availability for meetings. As much as we would like to visit every one of our faithful supporting churches, it is extremely difficult to get to every one in such a short time. We’re trusting your church families will understand our limitations and work with us as we seek to update you as to how God has worked these last two years in Athens. In order to stay better connected, we have recently invested in new video equipment and hope to provide better quality videos detailing the work here that will be readily available through our website or YouTube channel.

We look forward to seeing some of you this summer! Thank you for being faithful in praying, encouraging, and supporting our calling to reach Greeks for Christ.